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Camera Equipment, Film and Digital


Grip: 1Ton, 3Ton, 5Ton, 10Ton Grip Trucks, 45 Feet Containers available for Grip and Electric Dept.

Generators: 1400amp, 600amp, Pop Up 7000W, 6,500W, 4,000W, 2000W, 1000W

Dollies: Fisher 10 & 11 - Chapman Dollies Super Peewee IV & Hybrid III

Cranes: Supertechno Crane 50/ 30/ 15 , GFM GF-8 and GF-8Xtend, Pegasus Crane

Remote Heads:Active Head Strong Stabilized Head, Z Head, Power Pod 2000, Pee Pod 500

Studio Facilities

Complete Expendables Store

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